Seeking 3 Partners for Venture Capital Startup

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The US grows an abysmal 0.1% GDP in the first quarter of 2014. This means two things. Entrepreneurship will increase because of the abundance of overqualified professionals without jobs. It will also mean investors will be looking for alternative ways to find returns (fueled by low interest rates, plus limited consumer spending, and uncertainty among corporations- stocks seem up trending now, but investors are very wary).
In April, the L.A. Time reports that VC capital investments have increased +57% vs the prior year. And thanks to sensational IPO stories like Facebook, Linkedin, Groupon, and Grubhub, there will be no shortage in interest among mainstream investors. Venture Capital is something that has now captured the attention of the mainstream public.
An opportunity now exists for a savvy and performance based approach to VC investing. One that leverages this new crop of entrepreneurs as well as investor interest in VC. For many smaller, but accredited investors, VC investing remains inaccessible. For the smart, hard-working VC, opportunities truly abound.
Seeking (ideally 3) experienced hands-on business partners to start up a Venture Capital incubation fund. The purpose of an incubation fund will be to prove investment strategies, and thus provide a track record- and to raise capital from the public.
Ideally, your background will be in VC/PE law, accounting, financial sales, or financial operations.
Your full-time involvement as a hands-on general partner. Each partner, including myself, will invest $40K to fund operations and invest in ventures. If you have other side businesses to manage in your life, then this won't be a good fit for you. I need partners to help in active management.
16 year Internet marketing executive with VC, executive management, Wall Street, and investment exposure. I'm a driven 39 year old who has almost no distractions in his life, and is ready to chase my dreams.
21% stock, and lucrative carried interest opportunities. Expect no salaries in the first 1 or 2 years. But after that, we can expect dramatic increases in assets under management and or additional private investors for our own Series fund raising- in which we can finance salaries.
Email me a short description of your business background, plus any investment or business management/ownership experience you have. From there, if you seem like a candidate, then of course more communication can follow.

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