Senior Principal Systems Engineer

Company Name:
BAE Systems
1. Performs one of more of the following systems engineering functions:
a. Develops, allocates and manages system level requirements
b. Reviews, develops and documents system level operational concepts and mission statements
c. Researches and develops highly complex system designs and architectures
d. Evaluates highly complex system designs and architectures and recommends design modifications to eliminate design flaws that do not support the systems requirements
e. Analyzes and prepare documentation for highly complex system designs and architectures in accordance with established systems development processes and procedures
f. Develops and analyzes highly complex algorithms
g. Performs system/product integration
h. Verifies and validates highly complex system designs to ensure conformance with functional specifications and customer requirements
Required Skills and Education
dl margin:0 0 .8em dt font-weight:bold dd margin:.4em 0 0 2em Required Skills:
Bachelor degreen in electrical engineering, mathematics, IT systems or computer science. Minimum of ten (10) years of experience in Information Systems Operations including five (5) years demonstrated support in the areas of Information systems architecture development and documentation using DoDAF or related commercial implementations. At least 2 years of experience in documenting DoD information systems and processes. Certifications: Certified Enterprise Architect (CEA) required.
Preferred Skills and Education
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- MSEE - At least 5 years experience in DoD companies working as a System Engineer - Relevant experience as a system architect for product development
1AC_ES C&CS Engineering
BAE_BAE SYSTEMS Info&Elec Sys Intg
Senior Principal Systems Engineer
Wayne, New Jersey

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